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P as in Post-PhD Life

Have you ever wondered if there is life after a PhD? The most obvious answer is ‘of course there’s life after a PhD!’, and even the most anxious PhD student knows that.

What we don’t know is what *kind* of life there is after a PhD.

It is hard to understand for those who haven’t spent years researching a topic that became the centre of their life. I remember the day I submitted my thesis as if it were yesterday! In that moment, I understood what a mother feels like on the first day of school of their baby. I was letting my thesis, my baby!, go out in the wide wild world, all on its own, ready to be judged! Then the judgement came, and it was a such a positive one! I then understood how a mother feels when their baby finally graduates.

But then…then all I felt was emptiness. I submitted the thesis, I celebrated wildly, I waited for my viva, I passed my viva, I printed and deposited the copy of the final approved thesis. Then I was left with uncertainty, lack of purpose and, well, lack of perspective.

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R as in Review: 13 Reasons Why

So, I just finished watching the third season of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’. I really liked the show’s first season, enjoyed watching the second one and got convinced by the third one that the series should have started and finished with the story of Hannah Baker.
But first things first. The last season, and this is no spoiler, centres on Bryce Walker’s death – his assassination to be more precise. Although the series had long finished its scope at the end of season 1, the authors were able to create another catchy story that got many of us binge watching Netflix. But here come a series of buts.

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